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I hate this game it's very suck


  • Discord : Snowy.#3511
  • Facebook : Nattapon Sorayotin
  • About Me

  • like to sleep too
  • like to listening music
  • Pop/Hip-hop and Rap on Spotify
  • Most of all I like to drink Ichitan tea
  • I like the cold cuz it suppresses my allergy symptoms
  • I like eating chocolate even though it causes acne, but I still love to eat it
  • I like to play rpg games or chinese games
  • I currently play roblox games. and i only play zo map
  • during the holidays maybe i'll take the time to read manga. cuz it gave me new knowledge
  • I like white and black cuz it's like a divider of my identity
  • I prefer staying at home than going out
  • For the most part, I would rather watch anime than movies
  • I like most fantasy movies or anime
  • I can eat all of them. Most of them like to eat simple things
  • Most of my fruit is apples and grapes
  • Most of the time when I'm stressed, I find a game to play or something I like to do to make myself feel comfortable
  • My Playlist on Spotify